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Working with a trained FCP ensures the highest quality of education for you. All FertilityCare Vancouver Practitioners are fully trained through an accredited 13-month Education Program. 

We have FertilityCare Practitioners across the Lower Mainland. We believe that client-practitioner fit is a very important aspect of this personalized system so you are not limited by geography.  Service is provided either at the Practitioner's location or via Skype, Facetime or phone.


Julia Kuester, FCP

Surrey (Fleetwood), online

Available: weeknights

My interest in becoming a Creighton Model Practitioner came from my own painful journey to motherhood. My experience with infertility, the adoption process and stillbirth, has made me especially sensitive to the needs of women and couples. My husband and I were attracted to the Creighton Model because it offered a new women's health science called NaProTechnology.  NaPro offers medical, surgical, and hormonal treatments that cooperate with the body's natural procreative mechanisms and functions.


Thanks to the help of the CrMS and NaPro, we've conceived 7 precious babies and have 6 living children. Whatever your family planning or women's health needs, FertilityCare Vancouver offers hope and compassion.


Maria Higgins, CFCP

Surrey (Newton), online

Available: Tuesdays & Thursdays

Despite having what I thought was a "normal" cycle, my husband and I experienced infertility for over 3 years before discovering Creighton and NaProTechnology. I was so relieved to find compassion, knowledge, and hope. We welcomed a song in 2012, and daughters in 2015 and 2018. I enjoy helping women discover how Creighton empowers them to be active participants in their health care.


In 10 years of using Creighton charting, I have navigated through multiple reproductive categories: infertility, avoiding for serious medical concerns, trying to conceive, treating underlying health issues, avoiding again due to an appendectomy, and it continues.  I love how this system works with me through every step of my life and health journey. 


Mirna Lewis, FCP


It would be a pleasure to assist you in learning to chart the Creighton Model way. My husband and I learned about Creighton in 2012, hoping to reverse the "infertility" diagnosis we received from a local fertility clinic in late 2009. In October 2015, we joyously welcomed our beautiful, full-term, healthy son into the world!


As all FertilityCare Practitioners, I am committed to providing excellent information and assistance to you at any/every stage in your personal, gynecological timeline.


Heather Patel, FCP

Maple Ridge

Available: Monday-Thursday Evenings, Saturday Morning & Afternoon

My journey with Creighton Model FertilityCare System began in 2013 as a single woman to monitor my fertility and overall health. My fiancée, now husband, learned the method in 2016 where we quickly learned we could possibly have some health issues that might prohibit conception or make it difficult to sustain a pregnancy. As we were charting my cycle, we discovered that I was exhibiting signs of a hormonal imbalance that made it extremely difficult for me to conceive, in addition to feeling physically terrible.


Through the help of NaPro Technology™ I was able to receive treatment and eventually conceive twin boys naturally. I am passionate about sharing the good news that Creighton and NaPro Technology™ bring to women and couples, offering a reliable, natural and restorative view on their reproductive health.

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